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Why Sierra Chemicals Industrial Cleaning Solutions?

Partner with an Industrial Cleaning Company Committed to Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning.

Return on Investment Analysis

Our ROI analysis assures you that your cleaning is cost effective.

Before we clean your cooler, we will take air flow readings across the unit and record them.

After we clean, we will take the readings in the same locations across the unit and provide a 3D graph showing the increased air flow across your unit. Increased air flow relates directly to the efficiency of your units.

Quality Assurance

Sierra’s quality assurance philosophy is based on Lean Six Sigma’s DMAIC process: define, measure, analyze, improve and control.

  • Define the problem, process and customers.
  • Measure baselines to characterize the problem or current state.
  • Analyze the process and collect data to determine the root causes of defects.
  • Improve solutions to remove or reduce sources of the problem. Confirm with data.
  • Control the situation by maintaining gains with documentation and monitoring the process.

Recent Projects

See Sierra Chemicals in Action

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Our solvent E-6 is environmentally preferable and readily biodegradable for cleaning fin fans and heat exchangers.

It has been evaluated by one of the toughest third-party agencies and has met the rigorous requirements of the Green Seal™ Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use (GS-37). Green Seal™ evaluation procedures meet ANSI, ISO 14020 and 14024, and GENICES standards of acceptance.

From Our Partners

“They were professional, courteous and did everything that was asked of them from a safety and quality aspect. The jobs were planned appropriately and went smoothly. The follow up call after the work was complete was good as well. I would recommend Sierra Chemicals to anyone who has fin fan cleaning needs.”

Plant Manager, MPLX Plant | PA