Get Safe, Cost-Effective Pipe, Tank and Heat Exchanger Cleaning.

When injection treatment and chemical cleaning can’t restore your systems, then mechanical cleaning may be your only choice besides extremely expensive vessel or system replacement.

Our waterjet cleaning services include:

  • Automated lancing of heat exchangers
  • Line mole pipe cleaning
  • Shotgun exterior bundles and vessel channel heads cleaning
  • 2D, 3D and 4D head tank cleaning
  • Automated internal hydro-lancing
  • All tanks and vessels
  • Slug catchers

Our automated hydroblasting team will create a custom plan to clean any piece of equipment with an efficiency issue.

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Increase safety and reduce costs with Sierra Chemicals tank, pipe and heat exchanger cleaning.


Hear From A Customer

“Our 2021 turnaround was one of the largest midstream TARs in 2021. Sierra used 2D/3D waterjetting technology to clean some of our most difficult and largest vessels in our plant. From Sierra’s clean-in-place chemical circulations to their waterjetting technology, we were pleased with results from their cleaning techniques. Sierra not only finished within schedule but under budget.”

– Leading North Dakota (Bakken) Midstream Provider

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