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Biodegradable Fin Fan Cleaning

Our Green SealTM Certified Surfactant for Fin Fan Foam Cleaning

E-6 is rapidly biodegradable. One of the toughest third-party agencies around evaluated it, and it meets the rigorous requirements of the Green Seal™ Standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use (GS-37).

Green Seal evaluation procedures meet ANSI, ISO 14020 & 14024, and GENICES standards of acceptance.


Benefits of Fin Fan Foam Cleaning


Most thorough, uniform method for eliminating buildup, fouling and debris


Reduced risk of injury, with no need for workers to enter confined spaces


No toxic chemicals are used— only high-pressure water


Easier to set up containment and mitigate waste


Faster cleaning with less manpower.

About Our E-6 Fin Fan Cleaning Chemical

E-6 has exceptional surfactant properties, which lower the surface tension between solids, semi-solids and liquids. This makes our state-of-the-art industrial foam cleaner a highly effective option for your toughest fouling problems.

E-6 is safe for use on most metal and nonmetal surfaces. No discoloration or reactivity occurs on the surfaces it is intended for.

The solution is not flammable or combustible even at its highest concentration. It has virtually no incompatibilities and will not create a flammable atmosphere. Simply put, E-6 is not a fuel source.

E-6 has an end use pH of 8-9 when applied as a foam. This alkaline pH aids in the cleaning process for organics trapped between the fins. The after-rinse dilution process further lowers the pH to near neutral.

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