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Hess Corp. + Sierra Chemicals

How Sierra Completed A Major Turnaround 25% Ahead of Schedule & Under Budget

See How We Beat the Crunch of Scheduling Pressure

Why Two Years of Planning Paid Off

In 2019, Hess Corp. began preparing for a project that was the largest turnaround in North Dakota and one of the biggest in US midstream natural gas processing.

The purpose of this 2021 turnaround was to conduct one, five and 10-year inspections on most of the company’s contact towers, surge tanks, natural gas storage systems and regeneration systems.

Discover how we completed our tasks on time and under budget.


  • Managed third-party services such as vac truck services, waste disposal, and vetting and securing a hot oiler contractor
  • Lanced 44 fin fan coolers/exchangers
  • Completed clean-in-place processes for 13 vessels with a total of 140,437 gallons of liquid