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DCP Midstream Artesia – Artesia, New Mexico (2020)

Project Highlights

  • Nine onsite cleaning days
  • 322 job-site hours

Our Scope of Work

  • Preparation of vessels for cleaning and entry
  • Clean-in-place chemical circulations of nine towers/vessels
  • Automated hydroblasting/hydro-lancing of 14 heat exchangers
  • 2D/3D blasting of amine still, amine still reboiler, stabilizer feed tank, rich amine flash tank and stabilizer reboiler
  • Automated hydro-lancing of over 1,700 heat exchanger tubes


Hess Corporation Tioga Gas Plant – Tioga, North Dakota (2020)

Project Highlights

  • 14 onsite cleaning days
  • 124 job-site hours

Scope of Work

  • Preparation of vessels for cleaning and entry
  • Over 28,000 square feet of fin fan cleaning
  • Automated hydro-blasting and clean-in-place chemical circulation at four compressor stations
  • Automated 3D/2D hydro-blasting of four inlet separator process tanks
  • Automated hydro-lancing of four heat exchangers containing over 2,036 tubes in total
  • Waterless clean-in-place chemical circulation of plate and frame and tube and shell heat exchangers


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“Our 2021 turnaround was one of the largest midstream TARs in 2021. Sierra used 2D/3D waterjetting technology to clean some of our most difficult and largest vessels in our plant. From Sierra’s clean-in-place chemical circulations to their waterjetting technology, we were pleased with results from their cleaning techniques. Sierra not only finished within schedule but under budget.”

– Leading North Dakota (Bakken) Midstream Provider

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