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Automated Hydroblasting Services

Restore the Efficiency of Pipes, Tanks and Heat Exchangers with Automated Hydroblasting Services

When injection treatment and chemical cleaning can’t restore your midstream assets, mechanical cleaning might be your only alternative, other than actually replacing extremely expensive vessels or systems. Automated hydroblasting is the solution to many difficult cleaning challenges, and it’s less hazardous and often faster than other industrial cleaning methods.


Benefits of Automated Hydroblasting

Our skilled hydroblasting team and cutting-edge technology bring all the benefits of this innovative method to your cleaning project, including: 


Most thorough and effective method for eliminating buildup and debris


High safety, low hazard and reduced risk of injury


Environmentally friendly. Doesn’t require toxic chemicals


Adaptable to varied conditions, including confined spaces


Fast and efficient, for minimal downtime. Reduced manpower requirements 

What is Automated Hydroblasting? 

It’s like pressure washing your driveway, but on an industrial scale, for industrial facilities, with much higher pressure (up to 40,000 PSI) and equipment controlled from outside the vessel, tank or system. It’s safe for the operator and extremely powerful. For midstream oil and gas, automated hydroblasting is the ideal choice for the best results in the toughest maintenance, turnaround and emergency cleaning applications. Other terms for hydroblasting are water blasting and water jetting. 

How Does Automated Hydroblasting Work?

With automation, our highly trained operators and technicians can run several high-pressure water pumps and hydroblasting hoses simultaneously, at a safe distance. It’s different from autonomous cleaning, which involves robots (and which is also a service we offer). With automated hydroblasting, our technicians are making cleaning decisions and performing the cleaning using highly specialized equipment.


Our Custom Approach

Our automated hydroblasting team will create a custom plan to achieve your goals and clean any piece of equipment with an efficiency issue. In a few cases, manual hydroblasting or water jetting might be recommended—or at the other end of the spectrum, robotic cleaning. We will discuss the options with you to maximize safety, speed, value and cleaning effectiveness. We specialize in midstream oil and gas assets.

Our Hydroblasting Services

We’ll put together a plan to meet your specific needs when you request a quote. Our automated hydroblasting services include:

  • Automated lancing of heat exchangers
  • Line mole pipe cleaning
  • Shotgun exterior bundles and vessel channel heads cleaning
  • 2D, 3D and 4D head tank cleaning
  • Automated internal hydro-lancing
  • All tanks and vessels
  • Storage tank cleaning for inspection
  • Slug catchers