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Fin Fan Cleaning

The Problem

The problem begins with airborne contaminants, such as lube oils, exhaust fumes, dust, bugs, cottonwood lint, and harvest debris. These deposits build up on FF tubes and reduce designed efficiency by blocking airflow across rows of tubes, and forming an insulation barrier around the tubes to reduce heat transfer. The result is reduction in production capabilities, an increase in operating and cost.

The Solution

Sierra Chemicals’ Green Seal® approved chemical is put into a thick foam which is applied in a top-down method. The gentle 100% rapidly biodegradable foam loosens airborne contaminants from the tubes so they can be easily rinsed, with low pressure from the unit.


The Result

The result is a unit that will run more efficiently with less downtime. What does this mean to you? More production and operation dollars.


Benefits Over Conventional Cleaning:

• No bent fins
• No hazardous caustic
• Less downtime
• Greater efficiency – Increased air flow
• We remove more debris from all layers of tubes

Sierra Chemicals is your answer to a dirty fin fan unit.

What is Green Seal®?

Green Seal® is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacturing, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services.


The Power of Green Seal®

The Green Seal® on a product means that it not only holds up to rigorous environmental standards, the chemical also has to perform as well, or better, than other non-Green Seal® approved chemicals.


The Benefits of Green Seal® Chemicals

• Improves the environment by reducing toxic pollution and waste, while conserving resources and habitats.
• Demonstrates to businesses that environmental responsible products can improve quality and boost profitability.

Our process of cleaning Fin Fans is safer and more effective than conventional high-pressure cleaning methods. We do not damage the fins and we eliminate the fouling debris.

Click the play button on the video below for a demonstration of our cleaning process.

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Fin Fan Descaling

The Problem

Cooling is supplemented by the addition of water dispersed externally on the fins, over time this leads to the build-up of calcium carbonate scale. This scale drastically reduces the efficiency of a cooler, through lack of airflow and insulation, rendering the cooler inoperable without the constant addition of more water; thus compounding the problem.

The Solution

Rather than attempt to remove the scale with high pressure, which can also damage fins and only removes the surface scale, Sierra Chemicals can safely acidize a cooler to remove all scale from all areas of the cooler.

Procedure 1, Acid Foam: When scale is moderate, Sierra Chemicals begins by gently brushing off as much scale as possible. Then we will apply a mild phosphoric acid into a thick consistency foam that will gently break down the scale, and will not damage your fins!

Procedure 2, Acid Circulation: When the scale problem is severe, Sierra Chemicals can set up a tarping system inside the shroud of your cooler to continuously circulate the correct chemical. All chemicals are contained within the shroud and our circulation tank to eliminate environmental concerns.